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Re: AJAX and Accessibility


From: Stephane Deschamps
Date: Sep 14, 2005 7:20AM

On 9/13/05, Estelle Weyl wrote:
> In case anyone is interested in AJAX,
> http://www.standards-schmandards.com/index.php?2005/03/01/16-ajax-and-accessibility.
> Apologies if it's been posted before.

It's always good to have a synthetic report on Ajax.

Here's a very good implementation: Dunstan Orchard's blog. His
'livesearch' feature reacts as you type, yet a hit on the return key
makes the form behave normally: send back to server, who serves in
return a page, in a classical client/server operation.

Thus he's got the best of two worlds:
- for nearly everyone, livesearch works like an Ajax widget
- for the others (me included the first time, because I didn't wait
for te refresh to take place), a simple, classical interaction.

Test it here: <http://1976design.com/blog/>;

Moreover, he's used a little thingie (words are evasive in engish for
me sometimes) to show that there's an action being performed: while
the research is being done and sent back, the round ticker er-- ticks.

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