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Re: January 2002 Accessible Web Design Course


From: Peter Van Dijck
Date: Jan 2, 2002 12:10PM

(sending this to list since it may interest others)

> The next session of the HWG/IWA online course in Accessible
> Web Design begins January 7, 2002. The seven-week course
> is taught via the web and tuition is $80, or $50 for HWG
> full members.

Hi Kynn,
I've been trying to reserve a place on the course, but it seems REALLY hard:
the coursepage says it's $100 (and I only am allowed to spend the $70
mentioned here earlier), and it looks like I have to jump through a lot of
hoops to do it. Do I have to become a member of the writers guild (whatever
that is) in order to do the course? Is there no easy way where I can just
pay? On the member page it asks me my email and then gives me this error:
"Please enter another value in field login." (I tried twice) So even though
I want to pay you money it is NOT POSSIBLE for me to do that. GRRRR!!!!

So if there is an easy way to just pay for the course I'd be happy to hear
about it. Thanks :)