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Re: Cute PDF?


From: CFIT@list.webaim.org:Joshue O Connor
Date: Sep 29, 2005 4:40AM

Just as quick point. I think that the lack of other affordable (non
Adobe applications) that are available to create tagged PDF files, is a
major drawback of the format, despite their admittedly admirable efforts
to improve a format that has been the bane of many visually impaired
peoples lives for years.

Many content creators may not be able to afford (or be motivated) to buy
the necessary software (Acrobat, Indesign et al) to do this.

Contrast this with having some basic HTML knowledge and a simple text
editor to create accessible HTML files?

Also Here is an interesting page with some useful PDF related links


Joshue O Connor

Web Accessibility Consultant

**Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)* *
National Council for the Blind of Ireland

hasJan Eric Hellbusch wrote:

>>I am getting ready to talk to a department at the University of Arizona
>>regarding Web Accessibility. I just learned that this department uses
>>freeware called "CutePDF" (www.cutepdf.com) to create their pdf
>>files. Do
>>any of you have experience with this product? Do you know if it
>>will create
>>an accessible pdf if it is created from the original document? Any
>>suggestions on freeware that *will* create an accessible pdf?
>Try Open Offic 2 (beta).
>Regs Jan
>Books on accessible web design: