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RE: Virtual tours & accessibility


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Oct 3, 2005 8:40AM

> Specifically, I want to find out what techniques are
> necessary (and if it's even possible) to make a QuickTime VR
> panoramic (or other panoramic
> plug-in) "virtual tour" meet Section 508 requirements. What
> is the right approach in this case?

What is a 'virtual tour'? Usually, it's just referring to a panoramic
image. So, just treat it like an image. If it needs describing, use
appropriate text on the page to describe it.

Personally, 'virtual 360 tours' were really cool in 1999. These days,
they're kind of hokey. I much prefer a few nice static photos over a
spinning image that I need to install a plug in to use. As a bonus,
static images can be much more usable/accessible (and cheaper to