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Re: UDM from Brothercake for drop-down menus


From: Al Sparber
Date: Oct 14, 2005 10:40PM

From: "Christian Heilmann" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> > > Can we post the urls for these vendors?
> >
> > http://www.projectseven.com
> > http://www.udm4.com
> >
> I haven't tried this one myself but definitely worth a look:
> http://www.onlinetools.org/tools/yadm
> (Im sure christian will give more advice on it if needed)

A "perfect" solution would be brothercake's with an AJAX layer only
loading the content of the sub sections when you activate a main

Or - here is an idea - make a basic navigation that gives _only what
makes sense in this section_ and *offer* the fancy dropdown menu as an


Can we see an actual example of this :-) Better yet, forget the
example - I think your best advice might be to drop back 10 yards and
dispense with drop-down menus completely. My advice, of course, would
be different and I'd be glad to offer it - offlist only.

Al Sparber

"Designing with CSS is sometimes like barreling down a crumbling
mountain road at 90 miles per hour secure in the knowledge that
repairs are scheduled for next Tuesday".