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Re: UDM from Brothercake for drop-down menus


From: Al Sparber
Date: Oct 16, 2005 12:00AM

Christian Heilmann wrote:
>> Feel free to take up the discussion offlist :-)
> I didn't ask for your advice. I don't really need it. Cryptic
> messages
> on the list help nobody. If you got something to say about the
> matter,
> say it. If not, just leave the snide remarks for next time and we
> all
> have less noise to signal ratio here.

I think you're mistaken. The reason why I've not expounded on list is
to avoid egging you on. Your advice is not good. The original poster
should go ahead and use the Brothercake menu and learn how it can be
integrated into an accessible web site. If I (or someone from
Brothercake) attempted to do so on this list, a debate would likely
rage. Your advice is confusing and your solution vague. I really
wanted to avoid saying that on list, but I don't want to be made a
fool of by the likes of you, either. My apologies to the list in

Al Sparber

"Designing with CSS is sometimes like barreling down a crumbling
mountain road at 90 miles per hour secure in the knowledge that
repairs are scheduled for next Tuesday".