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RE: UDM from Brothercake for drop-down menus


From: John Foliot - WATS.ca
Date: Oct 16, 2005 5:20PM

Al Sparber wrote:
> From: "John Foliot - WATS.ca" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>> Not so long ago, Mr. Sparber appeared on an accessibility list[1]
>> and
>> declared that the PVII dropdown menu was "accessible" - halleluiah -
>> and
>> that users of DreamWeaver should run to his site and download the
>> solution for a mere $90.00 US (never mind that there are other Open
>> Source solutions out there...)
> That is a lie. I am not slandering you or saying anything that should
> have the minsiters of this list scold me. I am simply defending myself
> from a liar. And that is the truth.


"...We will continue
to proudly describe our menu system as meeting Section 508 and WAI
checkpoint 3 guidelines and all non-obsessive subjective criteria, as


"...I'm defending my product because an opinion issued by Thatcher was
posted on our public newsgroup and it claimed our menu was not
accessible. I disagree..."

"...A simple look at the number of people who have to use the keyboard
totally discount people who choose not to use a mouse, as they are
primarily over-zealous about something or other) paints a clear
course: Develop for the majority and provide alternate paths for the
minority. If you do it in reverse that's an opinion now, is it not? ..."

My response post to Mr. Sparber outlining the accessibility issues of
his dropdown menus, which led, in part, to Project 7 writing their
"tutorial" piece:


I'm all done list admins <wink>


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