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Re: UDM from Brothercake for drop-down menus


From: Joshue O Connor
Date: Oct 17, 2005 7:20AM

Just an note - at the risk of sticking my neck out - This is not related
to the technical issues brought up in the thread but on reading, I feel
the need to add something as an aside.

Christian said

I was simply pointing out that mine had flaws and approached the
issue in a non-technical manner

what is wrong by questioning our
own ways of developing?

Hats off to you Christian, as (IMO) this kind of outlook is an important
part of the "spirit" of accessibility. We need to be big enough to look
at ourselves and our work with an eye to always improving it.

Its easy to say you have a perfect solution and then be proved wrong. It
takes courage to say your solution isn't perfect - but it's the best you
could come up with, and then try to make it better.

Joshue O Connor

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