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Web Accessibility Job at Stanford University


From: sean keegan
Date: Nov 2, 2005 7:59PM

I thought this may be of interest to this group so I am reposting from one
of the lists we manage. Please do not respond to me, but to the individual
noted in the message below (I have no affiliation with Stanford).

take care,

Stanford University has just posted a job listing for "Academic
Technology Consultant (ATC) for Online Accessibility". This position
is responsible for leading Stanford's campus-wide program to improve
accessibility of both websites and online systems, as well as
promoting an academic culture which values and practices the creation
of accessible web pages, media, and course content.

The ATC is part of the Academic Technology Specialist program within
our Academic Computing (AComp) department. It's a unique program
which helps the university propagate technologies and techniques more
effectively (and creatively) to achieve its academic goals. You can
learn more at: http://academiccomputing.stanford.edu/atsp/index.html .

To read the job listing, go to:
http://jobs.stanford.edu/openings/jobsearch.html , enter "9000" under
"Search by requisition number only" (toward the bottom), then click
the job title. To apply for the job, click "I Want This Job!" at the
top of the page and follow the instructions. Please direct any
questions about the position to Makoto Tsuchitani, AComp's Head of
Faculty Services, at <EMAIL REMOVED> .