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Accessible Flash content feedback request


From: Sinead Hogan
Date: Nov 7, 2005 12:29PM

Hello All,

I have posted some samples of e learning assessments built with Flash to the urls listed below. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have on these regarding their accessibility. Each url leads to an assessment of a different type with optional hints and explanations - there are multiple choice, multiple selection and matching list questions - some with images. Each question should take only a couple of minutes.

I have tested these thoroughly using Window Eyes. My preliminary testing with Jaws seems to indicate they are not performing as well with Jaws - this may be due to my relative inexperience with that reader. I'm working to improve the experience for Jaws users, but perhaps some patient Jaws expert could check it out in the meantime too.

Access the assessments via the following links:
http://www.officecompetition.com/feedback/MatchListsImages.html <http://www.officecomp>;

These last two examples - Match Lists Text and Match List Images, are a bit more complex. I haven't included any detailed instructions on how to interact with them using the keyboard. I'm not sure if this is necessary, if the keyboard interactions I assume are really the default / universal.

Any feedback much appreciated.