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RE: Web site(s) that list general disabilitystatistics?


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Nov 10, 2005 3:40PM

> So it's often not possible to say "we know exactly who is in
> our audience so we don't have to care about that disability."

Agreed. I'd probably go a step further and say, short of a small
intranet, it's never possible. ;o)

> AND THEN - many of our site visitors are using small devices
> so they have many of the same needs as visually impaired: no
> mouse, a difficult keyboard, no images or images turned off,
> no color or hard-to-see color because they're outside, and a
> linear view of the pages similar to using a screen reader.

Yep. Completely agree.

But, there's still a lack of numbers when people ask for them.

I do make the push, though, that even if all these minority groups were
only 1% each of the population (which they're not, of course), they all
add up. 1% + 1% + 1% + etc certainly begins adding up to a powerful
share of one's target market.