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RE: Select lists and automatically forwarding onchange


From: Robinson, Norman B - Washington, DC
Date: Nov 29, 2005 12:20PM

Tim asked regarding "[WebAIM] Select lists and automatically forwarding

"...if scripting is disabled (I've heard of this mythical user but my
web stats don't seem to have found them yet) then the select list won't
work." Just wanted to comment that when I use my cellphone I don't have
scripting available to me and it makes all the difference between a
usable site. You'll probably only see my webstats once on the parent
link because I can't get to the content.

I also have to sometimes disable scripting because the site has bad
detection routines and anything outside the normal causes the site to
refuse service (suggesting I upgrade to the "latest" browser, which is
often a version behind what I'm using!).

"Are there any other reasons why you shouldn't use this automatic
redirection in conjunction with a select list but use an input button
instead to trigger the action?"
As a use case, I would very much like to determine what action is going
to occur rather than accidentally activate a select list that puts me on
a page that I may accidentally have activated. I can refresh the reading
of my virtual screen and have my screen reader tell me what value is
selected before activation.


Norman Robinson