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Re: State Abbreviations in Dropdown - Permitted?


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Dec 3, 2005 9:00AM

Helen A wrote:
> At 13:17 02/12/2005, Andrew wrote, replying to Jukka:

>> I find that they are highly usable. I don't listen to 49 options, I
>> type "m" to get to the m's and then move to MA. If I want to scan the
>> list I can use pageup/down to page through the list. If I am looking
>> for Zaire in a list of countries I can hit 'end' to move to the bottom
>> of the list.
>> What technical complications do you mean?
> This assumes everyone knows the shortcuts *you* are so familiar with,
> Andrew.

And we're back on the eternal topic of user education. What good is it
if browsers or AT offer useful functionality if the users are not aware
of them? And whose responsibility is it to make sure users *are*
educated? I for one would really welcome it if browsers, on first
install/use, would give a short tour of some of the useful features
(including thing like "text too small? resize it with this built-in
feature" ... that last one also coupled with having a text size widget
appear by default in the browser's toolbar, but that's another matter).

Sorry, my latest pet peeve / rant.

Patrick H. Lauke