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RE: Font Resizers (WAS RE: back to top)


From: Malcolm Wotton
Date: Jan 13, 2006 6:15AM

Jens Meiert wrote

> Duplicating common user agent functionality should be considered a taboo
> (and that is quite a non-controversial rule when it comes to Web
> Usability).

The trouble is 'common functionality' is not defined anywhere - how do you
determine this (globally? for the users of your site?). If I know that many
visitors come to my site using IE 4.01 what should I do? What's more
important adding the widget and cluttering the page or omitting the widget
and reducing accessibility for a subset of users?

So even this 'non-controversial' rule is not easy to work with if you're
trying to decide what functionality should be present on the site.