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RE: Font Resizers (WAS RE: back to top)


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Jan 13, 2006 8:52AM

> > 1. There is broad agreement that the lack of a visual text-size
> > control in browsers is a shortcoming,
> Not really. The real problem is that users do not get
> sufficient help (from browsers and people) to _configure_
> their browsers' user interface in a manner that suits them.

If you've ever worked in the software industry, you know that 'help' is
really a complete waste of time. Only the smallest fraction of people
use it.

I would say that there is a broad agreement that the lack of a visual
text resizer in the browser is a shortcoming. Not making a highly useful
and needed function of the application not visible by default on screen
is a drawback.

> > 2. There is an established convention of presenting in-page
> text-size
> > controls as icons or textual links with different sized letters.
> Not correct. There are many styles, none of which is really obvious.
> Most sites do not have such controls.

I wouldn't say 'many' styles. I've seen sized 'A's 'T's and +/-
signs...usually prefaced with a 'type size: ' label.

> (Admittedly, this postulates that the font size that they
> have chosen for their browsing in general, either by setting
> it or by accepting factory settings by not changing them, is
> reasonably suitable or at least tolerable to the user.
> Failing this, it is difficult to imagine how they manage to
> surf around.)

It's not difficult at all. Go to any office and watch the folks. A lot
of people just accept their computer/monitor/OS as-is out of the box.