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Re: stylesheet changers (WAS Font Resizers (WAS RE: backto top)


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Jan 17, 2006 5:15AM

Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Penny Roberts wrote:
>> Patrick Lauke wrote:
>>> a "zoom text" stylesheet with very large fonts
>> Ah now stylesheet changer widgets... as a user I just *love* them. I
>> suffer from dry eye syndrome and white backgrounds are too bright
>> (imagine that your eyes are spot welded to the screen). I don't want
>> to override the author's styles completely; I just need an occasional
>> change from black on bright white (I actually find white text on a
>> black background far easier to use).
>> I used to regularly go to view>page style but there's rarely an
>> alternative so I gave up looking. Having a style changer on the page
>> is great because it alerts me to the fact that there are other styles
>> available.
>> Penny (opening a new can of worms... )
> Ok, let's empty this new can of worms then. In your situation then,
> what's better: asking each and every developer to incorporate a style
> sheet switching mechanism (with its own site specific idiosyncrasies,
> choices of styles, etc), or to ask browser developers to fix this issue
> at its root and allow for far more granular, and far more readily
> accessible and obvious, control over how content is presented?

The latter of course (as with the text resizers); but until that happens
I really like having the visual affirmation that there is an alternative
style available. Once it does happen it would be really good if the
button/icon/widget in the browser also alerted the user to such
availability. Another one to add to the browser wish-list, but I'm not
going to hold my breath.
I think I've opened enough worm cans for now. I haven't been in since
last Wednesday and came in today to over 60 e-mails in my WebAIM folder!
It's been a good discussion though.