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Re: stylesheet changers (WAS Font Resizers (WAS RE: backto top)


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Jan 19, 2006 3:45AM

Sam wrote:

> What # value is "accessibility green" (and where is that kind of stuff defined)?

I don't know that it is defined anywhere. There is just a certain shade
that many designers use. Opera's accessibility style is slightly darker
than the colour that I'm thinking of. (But if I compared all the styles
side by side that I think are using that shade I'd probably find that
there is quite a bit of variation between the pale greens!)

> Another "out of interest" question (I know you don't represent
> everybody but it sounds like you might be a good example of one pole)
> what is you ideal white / black combination? For example {
> background: #CCCCCC; color: #666666 }?

Yes, that's easy on my eyes, maybe a tad more contrast: #cccccc
background with #444444 text or #eeeeee background with the #666666
text. That colour combination works well (for me) the other way around:
background #666666 with #cccccc text.