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Re: Access keys, ie6


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Jan 21, 2002 12:26PM

To add to what Paul wrote, on the Mac, accesskey is performed with the
control key, in combination with the accesskey. IE for the Mac supports
accesskey and the implementation follows the link rather than just setting
focus on it.


On 1/21/02 2:07 PM, Paul Bohman ( <EMAIL REMOVED> ) wrote:

> The accesskey attribute is supported in Netscape 6. On the Windows platform,
> you use the ALT + (the accesskey character). One thing that I have noticed
> is that the focus must first be on the web page itself before the accesskey
> will work. In other words, if you just bring up Netscape and go to a page
> with accesskeys specified, the accesskeys will not work until you either tab
> into the web page or click on it with your mouse.

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