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Bulletin / Message Boards PHP?


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jan 22, 2002 7:31AM

A web site is being designed for a Blind and Low vision Convention site,
and they would like to have a bulletin or message board on this site.

[1]Prefer it to be an easy installation.

[2]Probably prefer it to be PHP vs CGI/Perl(less space and quicker

[3]Would like it to be as Accessible as Possible

[4]Need it to be validated code

[5]Need it to be free source.

Any ideas out there. I have found a couple but I am looking for some
other ideas, one even had access keys, etc in the code, it was a PHP
MySql board.

The people in question were looking at a board over at BeSeen, but I
question the JavaScript banner and also using that service for several
reasons... possible marketing collection of email addresses associated
with the board, the javascript changing banners both top and bottom and
possible interference with some assissitive technology devices or
readers, and overall professional look or feel of the board... one
without spam questionable adware, would probably be better.

I have installed a few community type sites and php boards before and
that is not a huge issue, but looking for an easy and very streamlined
board. I would also like to try and make sure any or all sites put
together in this way are as accessible as possible, while validating.

Oh, the links to the Accessible or what offers to be accessible
bulletin boards are below. I read a little of the documentation and also
looked at the source code, but I did not check on the validation just
yet, or read in depth regarding the installation etc.

PHP and MySQL - source code shows ACCESSKEY coded in also.
Message board software in PHP using MySQL
It is designed for the best usability, as well as accessibility to
people with disabilities.
(see usability.txt url:
http://www.agner.org/messageboards/docs/usability.txt )
TEST board
Moderation DEMO - if interested

PERL based - needing a individual cgi-bin on the host server
the other at the site was a Perl based board...
http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd1/?e=0,23,24#0 and

DEMO - perl based board
TEST board - perl based


looking for more possibilities and also input on these boards and what
experience others have had.


there may be a good market for development of community site software
and technology like forums etc that are accessible and current in code
guidelines. Could grants somehow help develop such software if the
developer wanted to keep the software free for the users and open
source? Thanks

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