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Re: Bulletin / Message Boards PHP?


From: Michael Goddard
Date: Jan 22, 2002 9:11AM

Well you can try these. I honestly do not know for sure about the
accessibility issues since message boards are a bit complex within table
structures etc..


Open Bulletin Board:

I am sure there are a ton more that are out there such as phorum
(www.phorum.com). Just do a search for PHP and then go to the discussion
forums within each site...there are normally a ton of listings for such
software and you can check with www.hotscripts.com as well.


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From: Holly Marie < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
To: WebAIM forum < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 8:31 AM
Subject: Bulletin / Message Boards PHP?

> A web site is being designed for a Blind and Low vision Convention site,
> and they would like to have a bulletin or message board on this site.
> [1]Prefer it to be an easy installation.
> [2]Probably prefer it to be PHP vs CGI/Perl(less space and quicker
> access)
> [3]Would like it to be as Accessible as Possible
> [4]Need it to be validated code
> [5]Need it to be free source.
> Any ideas out there. I have found a couple but I am looking for some
> other ideas, one even had access keys, etc in the code, it was a PHP
> MySql board.
> The people in question were looking at a board over at BeSeen, but I
> question the JavaScript banner and also using that service for several
> reasons... possible marketing collection of email addresses associated
> with the board, the javascript changing banners both top and bottom and
> possible interference with some assissitive technology devices or
> readers, and overall professional look or feel of the board... one
> without spam questionable adware, would probably be better.
> I have installed a few community type sites and php boards before and
> that is not a huge issue, but looking for an easy and very streamlined
> board. I would also like to try and make sure any or all sites put
> together in this way are as accessible as possible, while validating.
> Oh, the links to the Accessible or what offers to be accessible
> bulletin boards are below. I read a little of the documentation and also
> looked at the source code, but I did not check on the validation just
> yet, or read in depth regarding the installation etc.
> ---
> PHP and MySQL - source code shows ACCESSKEY coded in also.
> --------
> Message board software in PHP using MySQL
> http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd2/?e=0,23,24#0
> It is designed for the best usability, as well as accessibility to
> people with disabilities.
> (see usability.txt url:
> http://www.agner.org/messageboards/docs/usability.txt )
> TEST board
> http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd2/test/
> Moderation DEMO - if interested
> http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd2/demo/
> ---
> PERL based - needing a individual cgi-bin on the host server
> ----
> the other at the site was a Perl based board...
> http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd1/?e=0,23,24#0 and
> http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd1/
> DEMO - perl based board
> http://www.agner.org/software/discuss/
> TEST board - perl based
> http://www.agner.org/software/msgbrd1/test/
> ------
> looking for more possibilities and also input on these boards and what
> experience others have had.
> thanks
> holly
> there may be a good market for development of community site software
> and technology like forums etc that are accessible and current in code
> guidelines. Could grants somehow help develop such software if the
> developer wanted to keep the software free for the users and open
> source? Thanks
> ---
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