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Desktop Publishing to Accessible Webs


From: Sesock, Kevin A
Date: Feb 22, 2006 2:40PM

Two issues for the list.

One, is anyone aware of any desktop publishing package that will convert
to an accessible web? Every semester, our office puts out a paper
newsletter that then has to be converted to the web. So far, I've tried
out FrontPage and PageMaker, and neither seem to create clean HTML that
is highly usable (FrontPage, of course, being the most horrific).

Two, is there any converter, somewhat in the spirit of the Microsoft
Office Accessible Web Publishing Wizard from the University of Illinois,
for either PageMaker or FrontPage?

Thanks, all, in advance.

Kevin A. Sesock, A+, Net+, CNA, MCSA
Assistive Technology Specialist
Student Disability Services
Division of Student Affairs
Oklahoma State University


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