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I need clarification for State Government!!


From: Sharon Daniels
Date: Jan 23, 2002 10:00AM

I know that as a state government we are mandated that all our programs and
services have to be ADA compliant and that alternative methods must be
offered in a timely fashion.

My question is:

If you offer an internet application to the public that is not totally
accessible without the user being required to have javascript enabled, etc.,
then you must offer an alternative method (They want to use javascript for
functionality). Does that alternative method have to be available during
the same times as the internet application is available? What if your
internet application is available 24/7 but the alternative method is
available by visiting the office during 8:00am - 4:30pm. Is that
acceptible? I feel that it is not, but I am looking for something
documented that says it has to be available during the same times.

Does anyone know where I could find documentation that specific? I have
been searching through lots of info on the web and I even called DOJ help
line, but they can't tell you specifically a yes or no. They say it's for
informational purposes only. She did suggest a text only site. But I don't
want our vendor to create 2 sites or to have to maintain 2, I just want one
that is totally accessible, so I am pushing for them to do everything
server-side and only html is sent to the browser. They counter with the
fact that other states are using javascript in their apps, but the other
states have phone service 24/7 and we won't be offering that. I would just
love to be able to show them and my boss in writing and just be done with

Thanks for any help...


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