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Re: help with 508 compliant javascripts and mouse-overs


From: jukka.korpela@tieke.fi
Date: Jan 29, 2002 12:11AM


> I have a web page which has javascript and mouseovers--
> I am not familiar with javascript but it references
> a link to a javascript page:

Without a URL, it's probably impossible to diagnose the problem, since the
error is probably in the external JavaScript file, which we cannot access
without a URL. Does the problem occur in a normal browser too, when set to
report JavaScript errors?

It's generally best to avoid all popup windows, for accessibility reasons
and for other reasons, so I'd suggest considering removal of popups as the
first option. This might mean changing a popup link to a normal link, or,
for an automatic popup, completely removing it. The name launchSplash is
just a name, of course, but to me it strongly suggests that the removal
would be a great improvement to all users.

Against popups in general:

Against popups as regards to accessibility:

Jukka K. Korpela, erityisasiantuntija / senior adviser
TIEKE Tietoyhteiskunnan kehitt