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Design ideas - print friendly code


From: Jamie
Date: Mar 25, 2006 8:10PM

I joined this list because I administrator a web site
that must be accessible plus I believe in accessible
websites. I'm excited that my parent organization now
has said that Division's can stray from their main
template as long as it is approved by the powers that

I want to make our site more easy to manage, more
content rich, and accessible.

I'm on a unix server. I've been trying to gather
codes to make the page more user friendly. (Other
staff are working on the look -- I'm sighted but not
to "visual" if that makes sense.)

Right now I am stuck on trying to find a perl or cgi
code that will allow me to add a link to make a "print
friendly version". My current method of providing
this need is limited and redundent. For example, our
business enterprises part of the site users (all
legally blind) wanted to have a page without the
required header, footer, menus ect. To meet this
request, I make an html page then make a link to a rft
doc for download. I don't believe this type of
reducancy is needed.

Since I'll be starting a fresh new design, I'm
thinking maybe there is a way to use style sheets to
get the same benefit.

I'm just not sure and thought that maybe I could
assistance on this issue and other issues that might
make our site a nice "model" site for accessiblity.

Look forward to responses.

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