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WebAIM list reaches 1000 subscribers!


From: Jared Smith
Date: Apr 21, 2006 3:30PM

The WebAIM list had it's 1000th member subscribe today. The list is also
more active than ever, with over 250,000 individual messages sent last
month alone. It's quite a change from when WebAIM staff used the list to
e-mail back and forth to each other when it started six and a half years
ago. Thank you to all who participate, whether actively or passively.

WebAIM will shortly be releasing a new web site that will provide updates
information and even more community resources, such as a blog and
web-based discussion forums. And our newsletter continues to be a great
way for you to keep up-to-date on the field of web accessibility. WebAIM
has a strong commitment to helping the web accessibility community make
the web a better place for everyone. If you have suggestions on how we can
better do that, please let me know.

While the list grows, so does the difficulty in administering and
moderating it. I've received numerous complaints and messages lately that
the list is becoming more elitist, negative, and overly critical. While we
hope that our web-based forums will provide a more welcoming environment
for everyone to participate in, I hope that active participants on this
list will make a renewed effort to be more inviting and less critical of
others. I've learned in my 6 years of working in the accessibility field,
that accessibility is rarely black and white, right and wrong. The
opinions and viewpoints of others should always be analyzed and discussed
openly. This list provides us a medium to do just that, but lets please do
so in a respectful manner to others. From now on, those who do not wish to
participate in this manner will be unsubscribed without warning. I hope
that this list continues to be a valuable resource for all of us well into
the future.

Jared Smith