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RE: Reality Check (was RE: accessibility for deaf)


From: zara
Date: Apr 23, 2006 1:10PM

> As for clear and simple writing: we are thinking about podcast
> accessibility over here. Should we be presenting, along with the podcast,
> an expanded outline, rather than just a word for word transcription? The
> word for word transcription is hardly clear and simple.

I had to look this term up but do you mean by "expanded outline", a summary of the content with links provided to more complete information should one wish or need to go further ?

WCAG requires providing a text equivalent for every non-text element (including audio and video). And WCAG defines text equivalents as "written so that they convey all essential content".

So your accommodation would need to provide equivalent information (as in equal value). I would hazard to say that a word for word transcript that is difficult to understand would probably not be of much value to anyone.

That being said, I do not personally have problems with audio and video content (though my computer often does). It would be nice to know what users potentially benefiting from this adaptation think.


Catherine Roy, consultante