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RE: Which should come first - navigation OR content?


From: John Foliot - WATS.ca
Date: Apr 25, 2006 2:30PM

Christian Heilmann wrote:
> How long have you been on this list? I save John Foliot the standard
> answer. IMHO tabindex is really nothing I would rely on in any case.
> Using Accesskeys - Is it worth it?:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeys/19
> More reasons why we don't use accesskeys:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeyconflicts/37
> Accesskeys and Reserved Keystroke Combinations:
> http://www.wats.ca/resources/accesskeysandkeystrokes/38
> Link Relationships as an Alternative to Accesskeys:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeyalternatives/52
> The Future of Accesskeys:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/thefutureofaccesskeys/66

Well, gee, thanks Christian, however a recent debacle with a server
transfer (and my failure to do a proper backup) resulted in a few things
going amiss.

1) not all of the above articles are still on-line (sigh)
2) the URLs unfortunately changed (Grrr...)
3) I believe the question was regarding tabindex (vs. accesskeys) -
although like accesskeys, I also believe that messing with the natural
tab order is something that really should be avoided. I have yet heard
a valid (to me) reason why you would want to change the natural flow of
a page.

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