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RE: Which should come first - navigation OR content?


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Apr 26, 2006 10:20AM

> 5. Intelligent software (approaching artificial intelligence)
> can parse the content, extract its semantic meaning, and
> present it to users using either standards-based or
> convention-based structure and formatting.

Regarding that, specifically the contention-based idea, how involved are
the screen reader/aural browser developers with organizations like

This seems like a perfect use for things akin to microformats.

Since we don't have a <navigation> tag right now, it'd be great if we
(we being web site developers and browser developers) simply could all
agree on a defacto microformat for accessibility enhancements.

Perhaps everyone agrees that class="siteNavigation" means just
that...that this chunk of content on is site navigation for the page.

Doing that would enable screen readers/aural browsers to look for that
first, and act upon it however they wanted to.

Just some morning pre-coffee ramblings...