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RE: Powerpoints


From: smithj7
Date: Apr 26, 2006 11:40AM

Mark this is a wonderful tuturial! I am always working with staff to get
them to make powerpoint acessible. The DOE training office is going to
set up some classes so I can teach this skill. May I use this rather
than reinventing the wheel. I do use the plug in tool to make items
accessible to our blind staff and it is put on their internet. The last
one I did took me 4 hours, because "it looked" pretty good but the "item
lists" were not used properly and I had to go back and fix many slides.
And of course I wasn't provided accessible graphics. <sigh>

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In the future, you may wish (if you can) to work with the PPT
the following


properly created PPTs go a long way to assist with accessibility without
having to re-work them later.

otherwise as previously stated...

has a tutorial with information on one of the plugins previously


>>avoided. Dave Raggett (of the W3C) has developed a wonderful tool
>>called "Slidy" which allows you to create Powerpoint style
>>presentations using semantic, structural HTML, along with some slick
>>JavaScript and CSS.
>Is it like Eric Meyer's S5?
> I am
>>actually using this very same tool today on a project I am developing
>>for a client. To find out more, and to access source code and related
>>files, see: http://www.w3.org/2005/03/slideshow.html
>Thanks John, that looks perfect. Unfortunately there are about twenty
>these powerpoints so getting them all converted will be a slow process.
> In the meantime the links to the current powerpoints will have
> go up so is there anything I can do for now as a damage limitation

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