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RE: Accessible Matrix Forms


From: smithj7
Date: May 12, 2006 9:50PM

Go to tools, internet options, then pick accessiblity. Select to ignore
all three of the items listed (colors, fonts, and something else.)

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At 16:16 12/05/2006, Darrel Austin wrote:
> > I have no visual problems but I hate them as I can never remember
> > what the radio buttons stand for once I get halfway down the list.
>Accessibility is important, but if it isn't usable either, what's the
>point? I would agree with Helen...these types of forms just aren't very

>usable...a person has to do a ton of row/column scanning with their
>eyes, scroll the page back and forth if the headers scroll off screen,
>have to aim the mouse onto a small area to check the box, etc.

Personally I still favour boxes to buttons :)

>As for the example: http://www.michaelherring.net/access/matrix.html
>Horizontally, you're already taking up space for the column headers as
>it is. Just remove the headers and put them as labels for each row.
>space. More usable. Note Michael's un-styled version. It actually uses
>less screen real estate.

I'm being dim here, but where is the setting to disable style sheets in

Helen Aveling
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