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Examples of accessible flow charts on Web pages


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: May 30, 2006 3:50PM


I'm wondering if folks have Web page examples they are proud of that
reflect accessible methods of presenting flow charts.

We have been brainstorming solutions, and I'm not entirely thrilled with
any that we've come up with. For example, we could show the textual
elements within the image, with alt text on the arrows that show the
relationships, or we could have a long desc. (which doesn't thrill me
due to the hit and miss support for that. The last idea I had, which
also isn't ideal, would be to have a second page, linked from the
page-image, such that the user would clickthrough to a textual

I'd love to consider some example pages that present accessible flow
charts. I'll especially be able to benefit from responses through the
end of the day on Thursday, June 1.

Thank you in advance.