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RE: JAWS and relative positioning


From: Stephane Deschamps
Date: May 31, 2006 9:40AM

<quote who="Andrew Kirkpatrick">
> This issue is caused, at least in part by this line in the CSS:
> div#access, div#sidebar, p.backtotop { display:none; }
> JAWS is honoring that in the newer versions and not earlier. This is in
> line with my test results at
> http://webaccessibility.info/lab/displaytest.html
> This is a good change in JAWS. [...]

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for taking the time for this, but actually the display:none is in
the @media print section of the CSS, so the problem *may* be connected
because the problematic links are indeed in these three containers, but
then it would be a true hair-splitter.

Stephane Deschamps
Paris Web 2006 :