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Re: Evaluating accessibility level for managers


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jun 25, 2006 10:30AM

>> From: "Rainer Wagener"

>> I was denied some 16% of having implemented 'Navigation &
>> Orientation' correctly.
>> Reason: 'all h1 elements should have text content that
> matches all or
>> part of the corresponding title content'.
>> I never heard about such a rule. I wonder how it could be derived
>>from WCAG.

Jon Gunderson wrote:
> Rainer,
> 1. Titling is part of WCAG 1.0 through the following checkpoints:
> Checkpoint 3.5 Use header elements to convey document
> structure and use them according to specification. [Priority 2]
> Checkpoint 13.4 Use navigation mechanisms in a consistent
> manner. [Priority 2]
> In WCAG 2.0 working draft there is even more on titling:
> Success Criteria 2.4.3 Web units have titles
> Success Criteria 2.4.5 Titles, headings, and labels are
> descriptive.
> 2. One of the main reasons FAE [1] was created to re-emphasize
> navigation issues through structural markup. Current
> automated tools ignore these issues by assigning them to
> manual checks.
> FAE is designed for functional accessibility and give
> developers clear techniques for implementing section 508 and
> WCAG requirments.

But, as it stands, the automated check that is performed is based on the
*opinion* of those who coded the test and/or heuristics, no?

I don't mind, as long as this fact is clearly advertised. Otherwise,
this sort of thing can lead again to managers demanding 100% results in
a tool, and developers basically having to code to the tool's whims
rather than to any accessibility benefits/considerations.

Patrick H. Lauke