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Re: Screenreader testing a JavaScript 'enhanced' page


From: ben morrison
Date: Jun 28, 2006 3:10AM

On 6/28/06, Oliver Boermans < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi All
> Firstly - because a demo is worth a thousand words (Click on an orange link):
> <http://www.ollicle.com/eg/inline-glossary/>;
> The purpose of the JavaScript in this page is to make finding the
> definition of certain words less disruptive to reading. Clicking on a
> term (orange link) pops up a description directly underneath the word.
> Without the script these links point to glossary at the bottom of the
> page.

Instead of pointing to the glossary these links should point to the
actual description of the term

So : <a href="#glossary">eligible</a>

should instead of pointing to the glossary point to this

<dt><span><a id="eligible"></a></span>eligible</dt>

but would be better coded as

<a href="#eligible">eligible</a>

<dt id="eligible">eligible</dt>

Jaws does not read the title attribute by default - unless in forms mode.