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So who does define accessibility requirements again?


From: Christian Heilmann
Date: Jun 28, 2006 10:50AM


comment at 14:43 on 28 June 2006,

"Placing the white on intense blues, greens, and tans can make the
titles within the eye-catching graphics hard to read, especially for
older folks, who are probably 50 percent of their potential

Having witnessed the creation of this site beehind the scenes, I'd
just like to point out that Parc Rittenhouse is not really being
marketed to "older folks." The place was pretty much built for rich
yuppies. One look at the Features page will make that clear. That
said, I'm glad to see this site on Stylegala. Nice work, fellows!

commentat 15:29 on 28 June 2006, Kris Gosser wrote:

Point taken, Rob. Thanks for the heads up! I'll modify my review
to be more accurate.