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RE: can <p> be used in place of <legend>?


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Jul 20, 2006 4:30AM


You would expect that legends would be announced in forms mode (and
indeed JAWs does - just checked). Headings are not (at least in version

Hmm, may have to add some hidden legends or something.

> I really think it shouldn't matter. Fieldset and Legend go together,
> If you break this logic because of some design issues then your
> design is not right for the task.

I'd disagree, the rendering of legends is so broken that applying a
design is next to impossible. If you can figure it out on a page like
this: http://www.nomensa.com/web_design.html (and select the "Want to
know more" link), I will take my virtual hat off to you :)

> MSIE renders form elements without a FORM
> tag surrounding them, is that valid to use then, too?

That's a reversal, we talking about not being able to get the valid way
working, not using an invalid one because it works (sometimes).

Kind regards,


Alastair Campbell | Director of User Experience

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