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noscript....and CSS--linearize


From: Debbie Charles
Date: Jul 27, 2006 9:20AM

I have a question about noscript. I 'think' I understand that it should be
used, for example, if you have a site that uses a mouseover event on the
navigation. Our site has that feature (not my doing), but if you do not
have javascript turned on, the menu is just displayed. So, I am correct in
thinking we need to add the nav links into a noscript? Also, we use a third
party tracking system that uses javascript. Do we need to indicate
something about that?

Finally, CSS---our site uses CSS and a programmer on campus indicated that
the site was not linearized properly when CSS was turned off. I am meeting
with her tomorrow to discuss this and other topics, but I wondered if
someone would look at it, and give me some guidance. One thing I 'think'
could be an issue is that there are 2 columns and scope and table headers
are not incorporated, but if you tab down the page, it tabs in the proper
order, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, we are required to
adhere to Section 508 a-p (everything else is a bonus), so while we are
striving for more, we need to make certain we action those elements of 508.
Our site is located at http://dcit.clemson.edu



Debbie Charles
Educational Technology Services
436-B Brackett Hall
Clemson University