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questions about fieldset & legend


From: Lori Brown
Date: Sep 5, 2006 7:50AM

Dear listers --

I hope this is the proper forum for the following questions which I have not
been able to google answers for:

1) I get a validation error for putting an <h3> heading inside of a fieldset.
(on validator.w3.org). It's the 'you can't put that element here' error. Can
anyone please explain this?

2) On the same small form, I have a fieldset but no legend, as I regarded such
text as unnecessary -- all the fields have labels, it's a tiny form, etc. But
the validator is telling me I am missing the opening tag for the legend, and
asking for it, even though there are no legend tags at all on the page. Again,
can anyone explain this?

3) I have long assumed that hidden form fields do not need any labels or
accessibility accoutrements. Is this true?

If you are able to answer, please copy me off-list, as I receive this mailing
list in digest form.

Thanks in advance.

Lori Brown
Sr. Web Developer
Earth Resources Technology, Inc.
8106 Stayton Drive
Jessup, MD 20794
Tel: (240)554-0161