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Flash (swf) object and alternatives


From: Paul Collins
Date: Sep 12, 2006 2:50AM

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the swfObject / flashObject method of embedding movies. When a user doesn't have Flash or Javascript enabled, they will get the content in the div appropriately named that preceeds the Flash. What happens if a user comes in with Flash and Javascript installed and a screen reader that supports both? Will they get the content in the preceeding DIV as well as the Flash?

Here is an example I found:

If you disable the Jscript, the content in <div id="flashcontent"> appears. If someone had a screenreader that works with javascript, would they go straight to the Flash or will they pick up the HTML code in the source. Or will they pick up both?!

What would be the best practice; would you have a hidden title/label in the Flash that could direct the user to a suitable HTML version? Would you provide a visible link on the page to take them to a new page containing the HTML version? Or will this work OK if the Flash has been built with Accessibility in mind?

Would love to hear your thoughts.