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CAPTCHAS [was] Re:? I don't even know what subject headingto put for this question :)


From: Christian Heilmann
Date: Sep 20, 2006 1:00PM

> If you've been on Ticketmaster or similar sites, you have seen the box with
> a word, letters/numbers, etc. used to keep people from using automated
> programs to block other users. On the Ticketmaster site, there is a 'can't
> see the word' link that directs the user in ordering if they are using a
> screen reader. My coworker has also seen some that are adding an audio
> equivalent of the word, etc. What is the recommended way to incorporate
> this technology so it is accessible? We have found that we have a need for
> it in one area of our site.

They are called CAPTCHAS and there is no real accessible alternative
at the moment. There are some options, but the big issue is weighing
accessibility and hackability...

I've posted about that quite a while ago and got some good comments:

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