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Longdesc in Images


From: Jorge Fernandes
Date: Sep 24, 2006 3:00PM


I'm a young guy at WebAIM Forum. I really appreciate the discussions.
I work in Lisbon, Portugal, in the field of Web Accessibility at the
Ministry of Science & Technology. Since August 1999 that Portugal
have legislation about Web Accessibility applied to Public

More recently I bought the "The WebAIM guide to Web Accessibility
Suite". Is a great content! congratulations to WebAIM team. I
recommend it :)

This tutorial recommend 4 Methods of Providing a Long Description:
- In the context of the document itself;
- A normal text link;
- The longdesc attribute;
- "D" links.

I'd like to know your opinion about a 5th possibility:
- the image is a link to it's description.

In code, I mean:

<a href="description.htm" title="Description of ..."><img src="..."
alt="short description, <= 80 chars according with Cynthia Says
Report :) " /></a>

What do you think? Semantically seems me adequate: a description is a
closer view.

Like the methods listed above are ordered, what could be the order of
this "solution"? Or isn't either a "solution"...

Kind Regards, Jorge Fernandes