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Re: is it possible to automate usability testing using QTP?


From: Peter Krantz
Date: Sep 25, 2006 1:20AM

On 9/25/06, Shrirang Sahasrabudhe < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Is it possible to automate ADA (American Disabilities Act) based usability testing for Web Applications using QTP? Whether tools like bobby seamlessly integrate with QTP?

I think most types of usability testing are very difficult to
automate, the same goes for accessibility testing. Most evaluation
tools (like Bobby) give feedback that require you to manually inspect
if a test is applicable or not. This makes it difficult to use as part
of an automated test procedure which you typically would like to be
able to run without manual intervention.

You can, however, automate basic accessibility testing.

I had a session at the european Ruby on Rails conference where I
showed how developers can use the Ruby Accessibility Analysis Kit
(RAAKT) as part of their automated Rails testing framework. This will
allow a team to make sure they at least stay away from some basic
accessibility issues while developing a web application.

RAAKT is available as open source form here: http://raakt.rubyforge.org/

If you want to play with an online version of RAAKT see


Peter Krantz