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Re: Longdesc in Images


From: St
Date: Sep 25, 2006 2:30PM

<quote who='Christian Heilmann' when='25/09/2006 12:14'>

>> If you have something to say about the design of a logo, then you can say
>> that on separate page, or in a separate section of some page. Any link
>> pointing to it should we written along normal link text design principle:
>> descriptive, concise, and distinctive. "About our logo" or
>> "Description of
>> the ACME logo" might work.
> +1
> In my experience, LONGDESC is only necessary for graphs and survey
> results, where longdesc links to a tabular representation of the same
> data.

As a mark of respect to low-vision people, I'm using it for a photo
gallery as well. And it's interesting for me too, because I have to find
a way to understand the 'theory' underlining the picture.