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RE: UK accessibility standards


From: Gareth Dart
Date: Sep 28, 2006 6:30AM


There is a very good article on the Disability Discrimination Act and web accesibility here: http://www.webcredible.co.uk/user-friendly-resources/web-accessibility/uk-website-legal-requirements.shtml. In the absence of any detailed requirements in the legislation, or any UK test cases, this article suggests that (unsurprisingly) the W3C guidelines should be used as a basis for accessibility considerations. I note your friend's gov.uk domain - isn't there a policy for government websites to follow?

Where I work we're overhauling our site for a go-live in December. We've adopted a policy of adhering to the W3C's Priority 1 guidelines, no arguments, and working toward implementing all of the Priority 2 guidelines unless there is a very compelling reason not to. So far, even with the use of a CMS, we haven't hit any serious impediments to Priorities 1 and 2.


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Can anyone advise my friend?

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Helen we have a few options on our main system. Can you give me
some links to Disability Access standards so we can see which we
should adopt.


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