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Re: lookingforhtml techniqueto provide a methodto skiprepetitivenavigation linksi


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Oct 12, 2006 6:40AM

> Egan, Bim

> How does that work for people with multiple needs? Multiple
> browsers as well as multiple access technologies? An extra
> bunch of shortcuts to learn, and use with the right
> application? For users of both magnification and speech
> output, Opera isn't a single solution, no matter how good it
> is at pinpointing elements.

Again, the idealist in me speaking of course, there is then a need to
get tool/browser *developers* on board to include functionality in
accordance to the spirit of UAAG. It shouldn't always be left up to
web *content* developers to have to make up for shoddy functionality
that browsers and such just can't be bothered to implement. There
needs to be equal lobbying and pressure put on the manufacturers.

IMHO, of course.

Patrick H. Lauke
Web Editor / University of Salford
Web Standards Project (WaSP) Accessibility Task Force