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Re: looking for html technique to provide amethodtoskiprepetitive navigation linksi


From: John Foliot
Date: Oct 12, 2006 2:00PM

Patrick Lauke wrote:
> surely some responsibility must be placed on
> the browser developers to not just pay lip service to UAAG,
> but to implement its spirit more thoroughly...

Not wrong Patrick, but it is also incumbent on the developers to use the
tools we have to our fullest. Hands up (honestly), how many reading this
use the relative link for navigation on their sites?

<-- code -->

<link rel="home" href="index.php" title="Home " />
<link rel="index" title="Site Navigation " href="#navigation" />
<link rel="contents" title="Page Content (bypass navigation) "
href="#content" />
<link rel="search" title="Search This Site "
href="./sitesearch.php" />

<-- /code -->

Part of the problem of course is that because the support for this is poor
(to none-existent, although Lynx loves it), busy developers skip doing it.
So it now becomes a chicken and egg scenario.

Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Hey, it's good that some people have particular
> hobby-horses/campaigns. User agents (yours?), accesskeys [1], and I'm
> taking on WYSIWYG editors... [2]
> Just because we don't add an 'I agree' comment doesn't mean we don't
> care to. ;)
> -Alastair
> 1: http://www.wats.ca/show.php?contentid=43
> 2: http://alastairc.ac/2006/09/wysiwyg-editor-spec/

Geez Alastair, I just hope that's not the only way I'm known <grin>.
Besides, I think that this one has pretty much been wrestled to the ground,
and with the "solutions" that have emerged (with a huge tip 'o the hat to
Gez Lemon), it is becoming less of an issue (although I am still fuming
about the addition of @key to XHTML 2 - has no-one learned? Oh, oh...
Hobby-horse territory approaching...


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