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Re: Question for the WebAIM group


From: Joyce Kennedy
Date: Sep 5, 2000 10:18PM

Our University has standardized on CourseInfo, but we have one
professor who is bucking the standard and using WebCT. I believe
his overwhelming issue with CourseInfo is on-line testing. Using
WebCT, he generates tests in random order. For example, he may
create a pool of 100 questions, only 50 of which any one student
would get and those in random order (ie. so even if 2 students got
mostly the same questions, they would not be in the same order).
I believe it makes it nearly impossible to cheat with any efficiency.
Email me privately, Cyndi, if you want to do this, but cannot figure
out how to, and I will forward your question to one of my co-workers
who works with the professor to actually put his tests on-line.