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Re: Functional Cognitive Disabilities


From: Philip Kiff
Date: Oct 30, 2006 6:00PM

Paul R. Bohman wrote on 30 October 2006 18:14:
> I'm trying to compile a list of functional cognitive disabilities. I'm
> not referring to clinical or medical categories, but to the conditions
> and/or limitations that affect a person's ability to use internet
> content. Here is a preliminary list. Please add to it, comment on it,
> correct it, or otherwise help me compile a more complete and more
> accurate list:

Depending on the purpose of your list, you may want to browse through the
categories of the WHO's ICIDH (International Classification of Functioning,
Disability and Health):

Under "Body Functions" there is a Chapter on "Mental Functions", which
includes some of what you are identifying as "cognitive" disabilities.

This classification system is set up to identify issues as they relate to
specific functions and/or environments as opposed to classification systems
that concentrate on defining the particular disability/disease/disorder.

The ICIDH may not be of use to you for your project, but it may nevertheless
be useful to know that it exists, if you didn't already.