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using the spacebar and enter key with JAWS on a page withanchors


From: Jennison Asuncion
Date: Nov 28, 2006 10:20AM

(*With apologies for the cross-posting.)


I am helping a colleague attempt to trouble-shoot what seems to be
possibly a JAWS issue with page anchors. He has an FAQ page which is set
up with all of the questions at the top of the page, with hyperlinks
allowing the JAWS user to click, and go to the exact spot on the page
where the answer is located.

Using JAWS V7.0, I have tested going into the FAQ and using both the
spacebar and the enter key to activate various question links with mixed
results. Sometimes, JAWS will take me down to the answer, sometimes,
while the visual focus moves to the answer, JAWS is still up in the
question area of the page. This is regardless of whether I use either
keystroke. Note that on other FAQ pages I have used and
since tested on the web, I have been able to use either the spacebar or
enter key with consistent results, in terms of having JAWS move to the

Any help or advice would be appreciated.