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Re: using the spacebar and enter key with JAWS on a pagewithanchors


From: Philip Kiff
Date: Nov 28, 2006 11:30AM

Jennison wrote:
> I am helping a colleague attempt to trouble-shoot what seems to be
> possibly a JAWS issue with page anchors.
> Using JAWS V7.0, I have tested going into the FAQ and using both the
> spacebar and the enter key to activate various question links with
> mixed results. Sometimes, JAWS will take me down to the answer,
> sometimes, while the visual focus moves to the answer, JAWS is still
> up in the question area of the page.

A link to the page causing the problem would be helpful here. But here's a
wild guess.

Are you using MS Internet Explorer v.6 with JAWS? This behaviour can occur
with certain in-page anchors due to a bug with Internet Explorer v.6. You
can test if the problem is related to MSIE by testing using the keyboard to
navigate without invoking JAWS. The bug crops up periodically with certain
constructions of skipnav links, and it may apply to your FAQ if your problem
is with in-page links.

For more info on the MSIE bug, check out Jim Thatcher's skipnav info page -
and scroll down to heading item 5. Which link targets work where?: